Sling bag – Limited Offer Gift from Tom

The dimensions of the Borneo Sling Bag are 26-27 cm X 16 cm.

It will easily hold a wallet and keys for the modern active man or woman.

“Pua Kumbu” is the name of the weaving for the cloth. It is native Iban origin. No English translation. Below is a description of the process but mine are machine made as the real ones are prohibitively expensive.

Pua Kumbu is the traditional hand-women cotton textile made by Iban women of Sarawak. The Pua Kumbu are often regarded as a sacred object and may come in extremely intricate design. The motif may include abstract designs, animals, plants, and humans in stylized tribal patterns. The Iban’s belief system is reflected in the choice of design woven into the fabric. The tribal design tell a great deal about the rituals and animistic beliefs of the Iban people.

Pua Kumbu weaver, Sarawak Cultural Village

Weaving pua kumbu is the domain of the womenfolk. A maiden who wish to get a good husband must be able to showcase her talent in weaving pua kumbu. On the other hand, a woman’s standing within the Iban society also determines the motif that she is allowed to weave into her pua kumbu. The wives and daughters of the headman, for example, are the only ones allowed to weave the humanoid figures with upheld arms and out-spread legs, a design believed to protect the wearer from harm.

Pua kumbu are family heirloom passed from one generation of womenfolk to the next. There would be special pua kumbu to be used to wrap the newborn infant, for coming-of-age rituals, and for funeral ceremonies.

Today pua kumbu has become sought-after souvenirs from wealthy collectors willing to pay handsomely for these intricately women fabric.                                                                                                                                                                                               ~ From the “Exploring Malaysia” website

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