Matang Wildlife Center

Matang Wildlife CentreThe Matang Wildlife Center is located in the Kubah National Park in Malaysia. It consists of lowland forests that house a variety of animals in huge enclosures, an education center to help students become more aware of what Borneo has to offer in the way of animals, flora and fauna.

Universities the world over send researchers to learn about endangered animal species and how to promote conservation.

The Center seeks to restore and improve conservation of confiscated animals and the study of flora and fauna of the Borneo region. The Matang Wildlife Center is home to the Great Orangutan Project which rehabilitates orangutans. Phase 1 orangutans at the center are involved in programs designed to stimulate their mental and physical attributes.

During Phase 2, some orangutans are in a rehabilitation program designed to eventually release them into the Kubah National Park which is next to the Matang Wildlife Center. In Phase 3, the Center attempts to establish new orangutan populations in other areas.

Sun Bear in rehabThe Matang Wildlife Center has recently introduced the Malayan sun bear to the animal population. The sun bear is the smallest creature in the bear family and for the past two years, this little bear species has been given its own enclosures in an attempt to introduce them to the habitat.

Ordinary travelers who only want to enjoy nature and relax among the waterfalls, rock pools and nature trails can also enjoy the abundance that the Matang Wildlife Center has to offer. Visitors can stay in the Center’s accommodations consisting of 2 – 2 room chalet units and a hostel unit consisting of 8 rooms.

very rare clouded leopard kittenThe Matang Wildlife Center is about 30 Kilometers from Kuching City and transportation by taxi is recommended since there is no bus schedule for the Center.