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Borneo Tom: In Story and Sketch: Love, Travel and Jungle Family in Tropical Asia, written by Tom McLaughlin, is a collection of independent, stand-alone stories. The book also includes some special illustrations that will make you laugh and give you more insight into what you’re reading. It’s an engaging and interesting read about one man’s adventures in a part of the world that most of us know very little about.

Unorthodox subjects such as “Old American gets Islamic girl pregnant after vasectomy” and “The truth about Borneo Apes,” are only a couple of the hilarious essays that are designed not only to make you laugh, but provide a better understanding of life in Borneo and Southeast Asia.

Borneo Tom is exactly what Tom had in mind when he began to write and educate people about the country and all that inhabit it – especially the misunderstood people of Islamic faith, the orangutans and the astounding Matang Wildlife Center, located in the Kubah National Park in Malaysia and home to endangered wildlife and an abundance of waterfalls, nature trails, rock pools and flora and fauna – some of which is found nowhere else in the world.

The book is based on the personal experiences of Tom McLaughlin and presented in a humorous, yet educational way so that you get the full impact of living and interacting in a land full of diversity and wonders.

The format of McLaughlin’s book lets you pick it up, read about a couple of adventures, glance at the complimentary sketches and put it down without thinking that you have to continue from a certain spot in the book. You can pick it up at any time and begin to read from beginning, middle or end and still get the full story of Borneo Tom: In Story and Sketch:  Love, Travel and Jungle Family in Tropical Asia and all that its author is attempting to convey.

This is a book you will read and re read again and again and  gaze at the sketches to travel to Tom’s world of endless sunshine, strange and wonderful critters and his falling in love with a country, his new wife and discovers a changed and awesome  relationship with his daughter.

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60 stories with 60 sketches, 132 pages - $14.95

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